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User Guide

How KeptInformed can transform your client relationships

  • Add your company name, logo and a personal message - we populate this into your feedback request template.
  • View the survey that your clients will respond to - you can add more questions if you wish.
  • Learn how to get feedback, and choose the way that best meets your needs.
  • If you lead a team, invite your team members. You can initiate surveys on their behalf and see their client responses.
  • You're all set!
  • You get a unique widget link to embed in your email signature or on your website. Team members get their own widget link.
  • When clients click the widget link they complete basic details and then give feedback.
  • All feedback you receive is linked to a verified email address.
  • There are two ways to use the widget. Clients can be sent the survey via email (recommended if embedding in your signature), or they can give feedback first and then verify their email address (recommended if on a website). The first way is the default but you can change this setting.
  • If clients give feedback before verifying their email address, you must accept before it is counted in your responses. This protects against unsolicited feedback. You can accept via email or within your account.
  • Only use the widget for client feedback. If colleagues click the widget link and give you feedback, they will become your client and any existing connection you have will break.
You can get feedback from as many clients as you wish (with a paid account). This can be accomplished quickly in bulk.
  • Prepare your client list and save as a CSV file, matching our required format.
  • You can request on behalf of yourself or your team member (see section below on forming a group).
  • Upload results display to indicate which succeeded / failed. We notify the requester immediately when feedback is received.
Forming a group hierarchy shares results within your team.
  • To form a group, connect to your Manager or your Report(s). Do this by adding a connection and specifying the relationship.
  • When they accept, they appear in your group either above you as a manager or below you as a report.
  • You can send feedback requests on behalf of reports (and their reports). You'll also see client feedback they receive. Results are aggregated for sharing within your group.
  • Net Promoter Score is used everywhere to measure client relationship strength. It asks one simple question: "How likely are you to recommend XYZ to a friend or colleague?"
  • Depending on the response, clients are deemed to be a Promoter, Passive or a Detractor. Net Promoter Score (NPS) = [Promoters - Detractors] / total responders. The results help diagnose where to focus your client relationship efforts.
  • With KeptInformed, everyone gets a Net Promoter Score. This means that everyone is aware of their own client relationships. With everyone involved, a culture of client accountability can emerge and grow.