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About KeptInformed

Our Service

KeptInformed helps you know your Net Promoter Score so that you can maintain and grow client relationships.

Everyone wants to be better at what they do, and feedback is key to professional development. KeptInformed enables team members and leaders to initiate feedback and see results in real time. It brings growth and accountability to professionals and teams of any size.

Change forever the way you assess client relationships. Make Net Promoter personal.

Our Mission

We believe listening is key to professional success. At KeptInformed we strive to help teams grow, no matter how large or small.

Our Company

Cudepro Pty Ltd (trading as KeptInformed)
Suite 259, 585 Little Collins Street
VIC 3000
ABN 39 164 984 445

Contact Us

Email us with questions about KeptInformed or suggested enhancements. We love feedback!

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